An Incredible Widowmaker Cosplay From Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the most popular games to release in recent years.  Gamers everywhere have taken to Blizzard’s newest shooter, pouring hours upon hours into the game in order to try to master their favorite characters.  If you are a player that likes to play more stealthy and rely on pure skill, then the sniper Widowmaker might be right up your alley. She excels in long range combat and is able to set traps to ensnare her helpless victims. With all of her amazing qualities, it’s no wonder that a Widowmaker cosplay feature is at the top of our to-do list.

Widowmaker Cosplay 1

Widowmaker Cosplay by Kawaii Besu

Cosplayer Kawaii Besu looks absolutely stunning as Overwatch’s Widowmaker.  Her pink and purple bodysuit is perfect, and she even paints her skin with a purple tint, making this Widowmaker cosplay even more true to the source material.  Simply wonderful!

Widowmaker Cosplay 2

Photography by Nels and Manny Llanura Photography






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