Check Out These Incredible Overwatch Cosplays

We just can’t get enough of all of the epic Overwatch cosplays that have been hitting the scene over the past few months!  We have seen some absolutely amazing cosplays, ranging from the cute and peppy D.Va to the lovably plump Roadhog.  Now comes some totally epic Tracer and Widowmaker cosplays from talented cosplayers Lala Cosplay and Voldiesama Cosplay respectively.


Tracer and Widowmaker Overwatch Cosplays

Overwatch Cosplays

Photographed by one of All That’s Cosplay’s favorite cosplayers, Nebulaluben, Lala and Voldiesama pose in stances that truly evoke Tracer and Widowmaker.  Their costumes were created perfectly, and Widowmaker’s blue/purple-tinted facial makeup blends seemlessly!  Overall, beautifully epic!









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