Matt Damon in The Martian

Check Out the Incredible New Trailer for ‘The Martian’

“There must be some kinda way out of here, said the joker to the thief…”

Yeah. Big fan of that song in this trailer.

The most significant new element in the second trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian compared to the first is a sense of casual humor. Because, honestly, if you’re stranded on Mars for at least 4 years with catastrophic death by space as a constant possibility, humor could be a lifesaver.

We see plenty of previous clips of Matt Damon’s Mark Watney getting separated and left for dead on Mars, eking out an existence, and finally making contact with Earth again and his former crew mates leading a rogue mission to rescue him. There’s a few new shots of the sensational reaction on Earth to the discovery of Watney’s survival and Watney himself cracking a few one-liners.

Of course, like Watney says, the circumstances still assert themselves and his struggle to return home won’t be easy. But I can’t wait to see it.

The Martian, based on Andy Weir’s novel of the same name, hits theaters October 2nd.








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