Bow Down Before this Epic Castanic Cosplay!


One of the seven playable races in The Exiled Realm of Aborea (or TERA for short), the Castanics are a race of humanoids, clever, skilled and very hot-tempered. They never forget their friend and never abandon their allies. They are also known for being particularly quick-tempered as well as being the first to decapitate and the second to accept an apology. They are famous for being skilled artisans and crafters, as well as being adept merchants, striving to come out on top of any bargain.

There are more to the Castanics than their merchant and crafting skills, and their fiery tempers. The Castanics have a dark history. First starting out as the devas, children of Zuras, and after that being sealed away by Titus in a great war against giants, the were offered to a fellow craftsman who changed their name and then, they served him until he fell. Since that day, the Castanics have not changed their history and have lived by their own dark and sacred code of honour, carving out a place in history.


I have a fascination for fantasy creatures and ethereal beings with elf ears, long, flowing hair (not to mention, perfectly toned shades of white and silver hair! I wonder what toner they use?), elegant and intricately designed armour and horns. And then, when someone cosplays one it’s, BOOM! Christmas come early! Behold the wonderf of Ani-Mia with her Castanic Warrior cosplay! From the details on the armour and the widdle elf ears, this cosplay of Tera’s Castanic is one of the best cosplays to come out of the MMO and is absolutely stunning!

View more of Ani-Mia’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Photography by Elysiam Guild

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