‘Blizzcon 2013 Epic Cosplay Showcase’ Video Features Amazing Cosplayers

As always, this year’s Blizzcon featured tons of amazing costumes created by those dedicated cosplayers eagerly wanting to become their favorite character from the Blizzard game of their choosing.  Hitting the convention floor, the con was alive with beloved characters from World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft.  Unfortunately many of us weren’t able to make it to the highly anticipated event, but thanks to this amazing video by the Cosplay Videographers group, we are able to see all of Blizzcon’s most amazing cosplays.  Fan favorite cosplayers Jessica Nigri, Monika Lee, Lindsay Elyse, Lyz Brickley, and Blizzcon 2013 costume contest winner Kamui Cosplay are all featured in this video and their costume tributes to Blizzard are absolutely stunning.  Check out the video and prepare to be amazed!



Videographers: OTL Productions and MLZ Studios

Magdha cosplayer: First Keeper



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