Bethesda Outlines Fallout 4’s Upcoming Mod Features

Bethesda has recently announced a new section has been added to their website. The new section is called DevNotes and will focus on bringing support to the Fallout 4 modding community.

The information comes from Bethesda’s twitter account where it mentions that the DevNotes will be the all-in-one stop for those with questions about mods, patch notes, and will also include notes from the developers. The site already has important information as they outline the plans for Fallout 4 mods going forward.

The site features the Fallout 4 Summer Road Map that features information about changes and additions that will be added in the upcoming months. Many of the updates that will be added impact mod page customization. This includes helpful features like being able to name versions of the mod as well as an increase to the number of images that can be added to a mod.

Here is the full summer road map for Fallout 4:

Additional security for mod uploads to Creation Kit users will be required to ownFallout 4 to upload mods to via a Steam-linked account. Steam-linked account will not be required to download or use the Creation Kit itself, only to upload to Users found to be breaking our Terms of Service or Code of Conduct will investigated by our moderation team and may have their accounts banned.

Increasing mod storage limits: We are working with Microsoft and Sony to increase the storage limits on consoles.

Ability to upload a mod for multiple platforms at one time, rather than for each platform: You will not have to manage three separate mod detail pages per platform but will rather have one single location for a mod that will identify the platforms that your mod supports.

Improved UI for mods experience: We’re working on improvements to the UI for mods both on the website and in-game to help users find more mods faster and easier and to also help new mods get more exposure to users.

Improved comments on mod detail pages: Adding in features like ‘reply to comment,’ ‘report a comment,’ ‘like a comment,’ and potentially ‘flag a comment’ as a bug for modders to get feedback on issues with their mods.

Improved mod reporting: Revising mods reporting categories for better clarity and new categories like stolen content. This will provide our moderation team with better data to properly evaluate problems as they come up. We also continue to tweak the automatic takedown threshold for better responsiveness.

Ability to flag a mod as WIP (work in progress): Marking a mod as WIP will isolate a mod to a single work in progress filter. Modders can add or remove this flag as they make updates and test their mods.

Mod statistics: Modders will have access to charts on how well their mod is doing.

Customizable version naming: Version numbering for mods can be renamed to keep your version in sync with other modding communities and/or to allow you to control the versioning.

Ability to flag dependencies for a mod: Modders will be able to select other mods as dependencies for their mods.

Ability to upload more images per Mod

General fixes and optimizations for live services

Fallout 4 is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with mods currently only available for the Xbox One and PC.






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