Bethesda Expands Fallout 4 Creation Kit Beta

With Fallout 4’s second DLC pack expected to release sometime tomorrow, this has not stop Bethesda from giving Fallout 4 owners more bang for their buck! Recently Bethesda has announced plans to expand its private beta test for Fallout 4‘s Creation Kit, an official toolkit for to accommodate to the modding community!

Any players who are very interested in partaking in this upcoming beta testing for the Creation Kit will be required to to sign up for the DLC beta and then reply in this forum post with the one simple word, “Yes.”

Bethesda further commented on the open beta testing stating “We’ll be keeping an eye on the thread and inviting prospective modders.” The developer previously mentioned that the Creation Kit will be available for PC owners sometime in April, however as of the time this article was written there has been no official release date confirmed.

For those craving more Fallout content, Fallout 4‘s first paid DLC, Automatron, was released last month for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms, while those who are curious the game’s second DLC pack, Wasteland Workshop, is set to launch on April 12th!








Written By Guest Contributor Taylor Lyles

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