A Crimson Akali Cosplay That Finds the Perfect Balance

Photography by Serkar Beriskan

The Champions of the hugely successful MOBA League of Legends are exceptional, fierce, and powerful. Each hugely distinctive character comes with his or her own set of unique skills and special abilities to help carry their team to victory. Those who come to fight on the Field of Justice are fearless, each deriving from rich backgrounds with a lot to prove. While some Champions will use brute strength, others use a defensive magic or even a stealthy late-game strategy. Working together as a team, the Champions can find fantastic success or crushing defeat. League of Legends truly offers a Champion for everyone, including the deadly and beautiful assassin Akali.

crimson-akali-cosplay-2Photography by Emre Arikan

Raised as a member of the Kinkou Order, Akali was taught to respect the balance of the world above all else. A talented shadow warrior and martial artist, Akali has been training with her mother since she was a small girl to become a talented fighter. Many of Akali’s attacks are stealth-based and she moves with great speed to reach her target. Her outfit (based loosely on a classic ninja outfit) lends itself well to her sneaky movements and keeps her agile but protected. Akali wields a set of Kama blades also known as ‘kai’ that make her a dangerous opponent in close battle.


Talented newcomer cosplayer Nur Akcay’s portrayal of the striking assassin is quite eye-catching. The bright and bold colors of the costume makes her instantly stand out, and on closer examination her detail work shines. Taking the time to make sure every element of Akali’s costume is present, she is nearly a dead-ringer for the Champion. Bringing a slight bit of modesty to a very revealing costume, Nur manages to look gorgeous without being too scandalous. Her kai blades are handsomely made as well, another mark of the level of quality in the cosplay. If this costume is any indication, Nur is clearly a cosplayer to keep your eye on!



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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee


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