A Cosplay of Disney’s Beautiful Gypsy: Esmeralda!

The heartbreaker with gypsy flair! Fighting for her beliefs with a fiery attitude, Esmeralda is yet another forgotten Disney female, along with several others who heat up the screen with sensual body language, confidence, and the occasional sarcastic jab. Meg, Jessica Rabbit, and Esmeralda are held in high regards with Disney fans all around the world. These sizzling beauties are among some of the most memorable in the Disney lineup.

esmeralda-cosplay-2GrangeAir took it upon herself to bring this strong character out of the movie and into the convention center. Her silhouette is spot on, what with the full hair, tousled ever so in the back, and nailing the necessary details, like those intense eyebrows that make her green eyes pop! Her gold bangles and hoop earrings glimmer, and her dress flows softly, lace detailing and all! Such a bright, and solid rendition allows the cartoony qualities to stand out so well!


Check out GrangeAir’s DeviantArt for more incredible costumes!
Photography by Maxwell.



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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz


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