Xbox One Allows Multi-tasking Through ‘Instant Switching’ and ‘Snap Mode’!


Finally! Microsoft has unveiled their next generation console the Xbox One. As excited as some may be over an official name, what most are concerned with are how Microsoft has upped the ante. Two prominent features that the company has put on the table are the addition of “Instant Switching” and “Snap Mode”.

Let’s start off with Instant Switching. The feature does exactly what it’s been named. Due to the feature, a simple shouted command to the Kinect will allow for instant switching between games, TV, movies, and much more. For those gamers who are impatient, the wait is minimal as the switches are said to occur as quickly as a snap of the fingers. This news is notable as the Xbox 360 is capable of that now. To see the feature improved will be something to look forward to.

The gestures for the current Xbox generally include a swiping motion or holding your hand in place until the Kinect registers what gamers are asking it to do. Much like those, the Xbox One Kinect will have gestures that will close programs down as well as re-open them will no wait. All players will have to do is grab outside of the screen and move their hands together to close a program down. To re-open a program all gamers will have to do is throw their hands back off to the side.

Last, but not at all least, is Snap Mode. Snap Mode allows gamers to open up a second window while engaged in a movie, listening to music, or playing a game which is reminiscent to the Windows Operating System. Players will be able to open up Internet Explorer, Favorites, and other programs without interrupting what whatever they are already focused on.




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