This Delightful Ahri Cosplay is no Trick, Only Treats


Ahri, the beautiful nine-tailed fox in human form, is a bewitching League of Legends Champion. With a dazzling orb, Ahri delivers devastating attacks. Some may underestimate her and think she is just another pretty face. That is a mistake, however, as she can use her looks to charm her opponents, often before delivering the finishing blow to ensure it hits.

ahri-cosplay-3 (2)

Equally enchanting is Miyuki Cosplay. Her cosplay is both well crafted and playful. With Ahri’s signature tails waving in the air and the ears on top her head, Miyuki Cosplay completed embodies Ahri’s fox-like qualities. Miyuki Cosplay’s attention to detail should not go unnoticed. Not only has she nailed the overall design of Ahri’s outfit, but she has the intricate pattern on her sleeves, the braid in her hair, and even the cute whiskers on her face. Ahri’s orb is beautifully done. It is a luminescent blue, almost pulsating with Ahri’s tremendous power. If the costume doesn’t win over that Miyuki Cosplay is Ahri, then her playful and serious poses will win you over as they emulate Ahri’s trickster nature and deadly power perfectly.

ahri-cosplay-2 (2)




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