The Walking Dead Season 3 Won’t Be Out This Year

Prepare to be saddened, as Telltale Games has confirmed that gamers will have to wait past this year for The Walking Dead Game – Season 3. Telltale Games realized that the implication they had made at SXSW was wrong, and have clarified that the title won’t be out in 2015. However, gamers might be excited to know that the company teased that something else might be coming out. Whatever is in store this year is definitely The Walking Dead related — sorry for those who are waiting on news about The Wolf Among Us. Details on what is on its way weren’t divulged so gamers will have to speculate whether it will advance the current storyline — focal around Clem, or if it has to do with the 400 Days DLC.

In other news, Telltale Games did announce that they would be creating a “super show” that will be tied with content in a companion game. Either way, Telltale Games seems like it has a good year planned for gamers — even if they have to wait on The Walking Dead – Season 3.







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