The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 "Say the Word"

“The Walking Dead” Season 3, Episode 5: ‘Say the Word’ Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

After the doozy that was last week’s episode, it’s nice to see more story progression all around. Rick’s going mad; the newborn baby is in danger and endangers everyone else. The ever-so-skeptical Michonne tries to discover the Governor’s true intentions. Sure, this episode didn’t have the mega impact that the last couple of episodes have had but even so; there was plenty of drama.

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This week starts out with a party going on in Woodbury. Andrea talks to Milton about some big event happening that night and he hesitantly explains something big is going to happen in Woodbury. The Governor is brushing the hair of a little girl “walker” who is squirming around, trying to bite him. After his “Daddy still loves you” mantra, you realize that this is his daughter. The Governor talked about his wife dying in a car crash before all this happened but in the picture, you saw they had a daughter. In the episodes that have passed, there was no clear understanding as to what had happened to her. Until now.

It looks like Rick has just gone absolutely out of his mind. Hershel examines the baby and reports that she looks healthy, but she’ll need formula to survive. Daryl, Maggie, and Glenn all volunteer to go on a run for supplies. They decide to go to a local shopping center but with all the clutter, they can only take the motorcycle and Maggie once again volunteers. Glenn is at first hesitant to let Maggie go but she convinces him that she needs to do this after what happened with Lori. They come across a daycare and find supplies and formula for newborn baby Grimes. Daryl talks to Carl about a name for the baby and Carl considers names of all the fallen friends of the group.

The Governor gives a very exciting speech about how far Woodbury has come and everyone seems excited except for Michonne. She goes to get her katana back from a display in the Governor’s room and she starts going through some of his things. A list of names comes up with the name Penny highlighted more than the others. She starts to break through a door but hides once the Governor, Milton, and Merle come walking in. Milton wants to postpone whatever event is happening tonight but the Governor still wants to go through with his original plans. Michonne escapes through a window and finds some walkers locked away. She breaks the lock and lets them out and kills them all with her recently acquired katana.

Michonne gets scolded by the Governor for snooping around and has a very tense conversation with her about breaking the rules. He tries to bargain with her but she ends up taking her katana back and keeping the Governor at knifepoint. She doesn’t hurt him and simply walks away. The Governor asks Merle to get Andrea and for the research team to go get more specimens to make up for the ones Michonne dispersed.

The inmates ask Glenn if he needs help digging graves. They express condolences to him but Glenn seems very put off by them. Glenn and Hershel talk about T-Dogg and how great of a guy he was and the sacrifice he made for the good of the group. Glenn expresses how he’d trade the inmates for one of theirs any day.

Andrea tries to talk to Michonne about what happened but she’s as guarded as ever. Michonne implores her to trust her but Andrea wants to give Woodbury a real shot. They encounter hostility from Merle as they try to leave but he eventually opens the gate. They again start to argue and Andrea vehemently expresses that she wants to stay. Michonne gives her an ultimatum and when Andrea doesn’t do anything, she leaves Andrea telling her she’d just slow her down anyways.

Glenn tries to console Rick and get him out of the prison block where his wife died but he is unresponsive. Rick throws Glenn against a wall but he lets him go and walks away into the shadows of the prison block. Rick goes back to where Lori died giving birth and sees a trail of blood. He comes across a walker and cuts him repeatedly and just shows how crazy he’s really gone.

The Governor leads an upset Andrea to some kind of town event. There’s lot of cheering and some chained walkers emerge in what looks like an arena. Merle starts fighting one of the citizens of Woodbury in what looks like a gladiator event. As incentive, they let the walkers closer and closer to the fighters as the match goes on. You can see how nervous Andrea is about this while the whole town, including the Governor, is cheering and going crazy.

I was certainly hoping that this episode would be monumentally less depressing than the last episode and I was glad to see that it was. I couldn’t take two huge episodes in a row and I’m sure other viewers of the show couldn’t either. There wasn’t a lot of action but there was some realization about the Governor along with some questions about what happened to Carol. And just like all the other episodes, you will watch next Sunday just because you want to know what’s going to happen and who’s going to be dying next.



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