All That’s Retro Cosplay Edition: A Female Skeletor Cosplay That Will Master Your Universe

Photography by F.J. Photography

There is something so comforting about being stuck in 80s cartoon nostalgia, and we here at All That’s Epic thoroughly enjoy taking you guys back to bask in those precious childhood memories of eating your favorite cereal in your favorite super hero pajamas, while watching epic cartoons such as He-Man. There are a handful of evildoers who won their way into our hearts all those years ago. Skeletor, the mischievous warlock who was always out to gain power over Eternia, was definitely without a shadow of a doubt, one of those unforgettable hellions who deserves a little respect around here.

Photography by F.J. Photography

While he continuously dominated those who crossed his path to gain power, you have to admit that he was not actually very intimidating for a warlock due to his comical lines that were certainly a bit on the dorky side. Nonetheless, Skeletor will always remain at the top of our list of one of the most epic villains of his time, and we have Constantine In Tokyo to thank for crafting such an epic gender-bent creation of Eternia’s demonic warlock.

Sometimes the greatest cosplays are brought to life when two or more talented artists work together to assure a well-crafted cosplay. If there is ever a cosplay that you have been wanting to attempt to execute, but you have veered away from attempting it because you have absolutely no idea just how to create a certain piece of the costume—fear not! This amazing Lady Skeletor is a prime example of what two artistic people can accomplish together.

Photography by York in a Box

Here you can see just how talented and important Constantine In Tokyo’s costume and prop work was to bring the character to life. However, Eric Swartz of The Art of Horror teamed up with the talented cosplay artist to do some phenomenal jaw-dropping body paint that just sends you soaring in epic nostalgia mode, mastering your universe with its power to make you want to spend your next Saturday watching old episodes of He-Man.

Photography by York in a Box



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi


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