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Everything You Need to Know About Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey October 27 release date is almost here! Mario’s latest sandbox-style 3D adventure is also his biggest and brightest, and is a much-hyped Nintendo Switch exclusive. Taking cues from traditional Mario platformers, as well as more open world versions, like Super Mario Sunshine and the Galaxy games, Odyssey is looking to build upon all the successes and refine them to near perfection.

The Story

Super Mario Odyssey starts off with a unique twist on a staple of all Mario games. Not only is Mario defeated by Bowser and thrown off his ship, Bowser then decides to shred Mario’s iconic red cap!

What Bowser doesn’t know is that a friendly ghost grabs a piece of Mario’s cap and decides to try to find Mario and get his help. Turns out the ghost, named Cappy, has a sister who has been kidnapped by Bowser. Bowser plans to use Cappy’s sister, Tiara, to marry Princess Peach in an attempt to finally end his troubles with Mario once and for all.

Super Mario Odyssey Tiara

Cappy convinces Mario to help him and they set off to the Cascade Kingdom so they can acquire their first tool of the rescue, the airship Odyssey. However, before they can use the airship to find Bowser and rescue their friends, they are ambushed. New baddies called the Broodals ambush Mario and Cappy.

Turns out, the Broodals are Bowser’s wedding planners! Taking them down is the first step on your new adventure. Their journey will take them to numerous Kingdoms all over the world in a quest to rescue both Peach and Tiara.

Mario and the player will meet an extensive cast of characters from a dancing skeleton to a delightfully manic octoguy. The Toad Brigade makes a triumphant return and helps Mario in all sorts of hijinks. Even wonderful Yoshi is making a return and helping out in surprising ways.

The mayor of New Donk City, Pauline, also plays a major new role and offers numerous musical diversions for the player and Mario to uncover and perform. Meeting many different characters and interacting with numerous beautifully realized worlds, means your adventure won’t end for a long time.

The Kingdoms

With 15 distinct, massive, and incredibly dense Kingdoms to explore, Mario’s Odyssey will take him to the corners of his world and back. From blistering heat and barren deserts of the Sand Kingdom, to the Metro Kingdom which is a massive city with a dense population and extensive sewers and buildings to explore, there are a wide selection of locales for Mario to explore. Here’s the full list of Kingdoms, along with the main location you’ll get to visit at each:

  • Mushroom Kingdom: Peach’s Castle
  • Cap Kingdom: Bonneton
  • Cascade Kingdom: Fossil Falls
  • Sand Kingdom: Tostarena
  • Lake Kingdom: Lake Lamode
  • Wooded Kingdom: Steam Gardens
  • Cloud Kingdom: Nimbus Arena
  • Lost Kingdom: Forgotten Isle
  • Metro Kingdom: New Donk City
  • Snow Kingdom: Shiveria
  • Seaside Kingdom: Bubblaine
  • Luncheon Kingdom: Mount Volbono
  • Ruined Kingdom: Crumbleden
  • Bowser’s Kingdom: Bowser’s Castle
  • Moon Kingdom: Honeylune Ridge
New Donk City is one of the game's many locations. It's set within the "Metro Kingdom" — one of several "kingdoms" Mario visits in "Super Mario Odyssey."N

Not only does each Kingdom host special characters to find and interact with, each region has special costumes and hats. Numerous costumes means Mario always has an enormous amount of skills at his disposal. With two different currencies in game, the options for customizing Mario are incredibly deep. Over 30 costumes and several dozen hats for Mario to collect mean the adventure is near endless.

Cappy is actually capable of being thrown at monsters and able to basically mind control them so you can use them to attack other enemies or solve puzzles! Dozens of new enemies and puzzles mean Mario and Cappy will have to use their extensive knowledge and acrobatics to save their friends. When Cappy controls a monster, or an item they become another tool in Mario’s toolbelt for success. There are more than 50 items for players to control and use in their adventures.

While there is no central world for Mario to base his adventures out of, the airship Odyssey will take it’s place. The airship can be customized with numerous stickers and statues that can be bought and found in all the various Kingdoms that mario’s adventure will take them! There is a special mirror and wardrobe in the end of the airship that allows Mario to change his outfit quickly.

Mario's ship The Odyssey

Not only can one person have fun following Mario and Cappy’s adventures, there is even a cooperative mode. One player controls Mario and one controls Cappy! Together they can solve puzzles and defeat enemies and uncover all the secrets Odyssey has to offer.

Amiibo Support

Nintendo Switch offers numerous opportunities for Amiibo support. Most of the older Amiibo models let the player get coins or other items, and there is an entire new line of Odyssey themed Amiibos. This new series offers new in-game costumes and hats for Mario to use in his battle against Bowser and his minions. Some of the Amiibos give Mario the ability to look like his brothers. You can even get one that turns him into a Mario Donkey Kong.

Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle

Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle

A newly-introduced bundle is available for the most ardent Mario fan. It includes the base game of Super Mario Odyssey, along with with two exclusive “Mario red” Joy-cons! It also comes with a delightful Odyssey themed case, perfect for taking your adventure on the go!

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