RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 5

RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 5 Review: “Never Miss a Beat”

So. Team FNKI. Wow. Well, they were something. What else would you expect from characters based off of the Internet memes Nyan Cat and Skull Trumpet? First we have Neon Katt, the monkey-girl on roller skates who uses nunchucks that activate by breaking them like glow sticks. A rainbow follows her as skates around shit talking and beating people up, making the destruction she causes physically and emotionally a bit more fun. Then you have the smooth talking, battle trumpet playing Flynt Coal, who is half-meme and half-Achievement Hunter joke. When his semblance activates he becomes a quartet, using dust and smooth jazz to take out the competition. Yep. That fight between Team FNKY and Team RWBY was one of the strangest things I have seen on this show. Yet the action was still amazing.

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It was fairly refreshing to see a team that could hold their own against Team RWBY. Since the show focuses on that one group we expect them to be an amazing, unstoppable powerhouse. Weiss and Yang were getting their butts handed to them throughout most of the round, because Team FNKI knew how to push their buttons. Neon did basically nothing but call Yang fat throughout the fight, and Flynt kept taking cracks at Weiss’ family. They were absolutely savage, in both their words and fighting style, and almost won. What they could not expect was Weiss sacrificing her aura to try and take out Flynt, and Yang strength coming from her anger. They just barely won, and since both girls had such a huge part in the win I have no idea which one will go on to the singles round. My bets are on Weiss, since she has the most to prove and still needs that trigger to summon.

Other than the action this episode, we saw some developments with Penny. She and her government appointed teammate Cecil won their match, meaning that Penny will likely be the one to progress. Also, Penny has shown interest in staying at Beacon Academy after the Vytal Festival is complete. Which should ultimately be her choice, but since she is a synthetic human created by the army, the chances of General Ironwood letting her out of his sight is close to none. Then there is that slight problem where the virus Cinder implanted into Beacon’s security has gained access to Penny’s programming. Which is panic inducing, because Penny is too sweet of a character to be used for Cinder’s murderous intentions.

Additionally, Ozpin has decided who the new guardian will be! Which is surprisingly not Ruby Rose. Instead, he went for the next-best choice… Pyrrha Nikos! I am not sure why I never considered her to be the guardian. She is world-renowned for her fighting skills, and has shown her ability to lead. Certainly she would be a beacon of hope to guide people in uncertain times. But what jobs will she have? Is she going to be part of the inner circle, or be elevated as a symbol or some kind of a mascot? Right now all I can think of is Katniss from The Hunger Games, with her image appearing in television adverts and voice on the radio. But who knows where all this may lead? I just hope Pyrrha can handle whatever is thrown at her, and will not hesitate to ask for help from her teammates.

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