Rare Replay Is Not Coming To The Wii U, Rare Reveals

After it was revealed that Minecraft was finally making it’s way to the Wii U, fans began wondering if other Microsoft owned IPs would be coming to Nintendo’s latest console, mainly Rare Replay, a collection of various games made by the famed developer, some of which were made while part of Nintendo. According to Rare themselves however, that’s not happening anytime soon. Or really ever, if we’re being honest here.

Taking to Twitter, the famed developer finally put to rest the idea of Rare Replay coming to the Wii U by saying “lots of Qs about Wii U! But #RareReplay’s exclusive to Xbox One, and we’re hard at work on Sea of Thieves. Appreciate the enthusiasm though!” So there you have it guys: Rare Replay isn’t coming to Wii U.

It’s not all that surprising though. While it does seem strange that Minecraft is coming to Wii U and not Rare Replay, it’s important to realize that A) Microsoft has owned Rare since 2002 versus owning Minecraft developer Mojang for much less time, and B) Microsoft said that when they obtained Mojang and Minecraft, all deals made prior to the purchase would be honored, hence why Minecraft is still on the PlayStation 4. In any case, Rare Replay is available now exclusively for the Xbox One, and that’s not going to change.








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