New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Shows Off Four Brand New Pokemon

A new trailer has released for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The trailer reveals for brand new Pokemon, but be warned, these are spoilers, so if you don’t want to see these, you may want to click out right now (though why you’re clicking on this when you don’t want spoilers is beyond me).

Anyway, the first new Pokemon shown is called Crabbrawler, which is a boxing crab Fighting type (though strangely not a Water type); I’m probably going to catch one and name it after one of the boxing greats, like Ali or Joe Frazier. Continuing the series tradition of taking inanimate objects and making them into Pokemon, we also have Sandygast, which a Ghost/Ground type Pokemon that’s a pile of sand with a shovel in it, and its evolution, Palossand, which is also a Ghost/Ground type and is a…..sandcastle. Yeah. Finally, we have the adorable looking Stufful, a Normal/Fighting type that looks like a stuffed animal, and is the pre-evolution of Bewear, another bear Pokemon that is known for giving out hugs.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18th in North America and Japan, with Europe getting the games on November 23rd. It will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.





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