A Ms. Marvel Cosplay that will Blow you Away


Ms. Marvel is the name for many super heroines, but perhaps one of the most famous is Carol Danvers. She was the first to use the name Ms. Marvel making her appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes #13. She reappears in Ms. Marvel #1 with superpowers caused by an explosion that made her DNA fuse with that of Captain Marvel’s.


Three other brave women took on the name of Ms. Marvel to fight against crime, including Sharon Ventura, Karla Sofen, and Kamila Khan. However, occasionally Danvers would take back the name from the current Ms. marvel in order to fight once more.


This cosplay by cosplayer Okani is beautiful. And it is not just the average Ms Marvel, this cosplay is based on some amazing artwork, making her cosplay original and still recognizable. This is wonderfully executed and beautifully worn.



Photography by Elena Chusovskaya.


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