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Titled ‘Contemplation’, Chapter 2 of the newly released Resident Evil Revelations 2 picks up moments after the ending of Chapter 1: Penal Colony. Our first team of characters, Claire Redfield and Moira Burton are making their way away from the (what they though) was busted old radio tower where Moira attempted to send out a distress call. On their way through the abandoned island’s housing tract they stumble across other survivors from their team at TerraSave. With their new companions the girls attempted to get a helicopter they discovered up and running as well as seeing what happens when one of the fear monitoring bracelets they were forced to wear takes hold of a person. Managing once again to escape certain death the girls stumbling across a lost and scared Natalia who is shortly after snatched away by a mysterious force.

Picking up months later, we continue our story with Barry Burton and the young Natalia still shadowing the movements made by his daughter and Claire. After following their trail, Barry and Natalia finally discover the location of ‘The Overseer’. The mysterious woman who fitted the original survivors with their bracelets and appears to have been watching everything as it unfolds. It is revealed that the Overseer has been searching for Natalia, and when she finally reveals herself it becomes clear that the Overseer’s identity is equally as shocking as her decaying appearance.



Once again Chapter 2 sees the player able to first control Claire and Moira as a team, then later Barry and Natalia. While very little of the character’s abilities and controls change with this new chapter, there are still some notable additions. This chapter features several new inflicted enemies for the gang to face. The heavy infected introduced near the end of Claire & Moira’s section provides a welcome more difficult encounter and the invisible ‘bug’ monsters bring new challenge and frustration. It is refreshing to know that each chapter looks to offer new locations as well, with the lair of the Overseer being by far one of the most interesting and creepy locales so far seen in Revelations 2.



In keeping with the first chapter, Chapter 2 continues to offer a beautifully designed game with a noticeable number of bugs. The frame-rate issue that many fans complained about in the previous release is still ever present but at this point is frankly almost ignorable due to its consistency. The graphics continue to hold up, and Revelations 2 still proves to be the best looking RE game so far.



‘Contemplation’ has offered some welcome changes to the gameplay of Revelations 2. Adding in some new monsters that require new strategies keeps things feeling fresh, while a quick change of scenery between each section (even despite the second pair of character literally following the path of the first) adds to this. The introduction of the new weapon/tool of the Drill that allows Claire & Barry to break away cracked walls is also a fun and inventive idea. With the huge cliff hanger reveal that ‘Contemplation’ ended on, it seems that the arrival of Chapter 3 can only bring even more to the table.





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Kota Lee

Kota Lee