First 24 Takes On: Double Dragon Neon! The First 24 Minutes of Beating Dudes Up!

Welcome to First 24, were we show you the first 24 minutes of a game so if you’re on the fence for a purchase, want to see more than just a trailer, wondering how it all begins, or maybe you’re not interested in the game at all, but are just curious. For that, we have you covered.

This week we are taking on the new Double Dragon Neon for the Ps3 and the Xbox 360. Its been over 25 years since the original Double Dragon hit arcades back in the 80’s. The brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee are back in this remake to show the world that beating up dudes and air guitaring is still cool. Enjoy the first 24 minutes and first 2 chapters of Double Dragon Neon!

Warning! This is the first 24 minutes of the game so be aware, there are some beginning spoilers. Feel free to fast forward directly into the action if you like. Regardless, enjoy our First 24 of Double Dragon Neon!



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