Feel the Surge of Power from this Bestial Huntress Nidalee Cosplay


Nidalee, the iconic spear flinging, half-cougar beauty of League of Legends, is no pussycat on the Fields of Justice. Undeniably one of the best hunters, her high mobility makes her a terror in battle. Not only fierce but with fine-tuned animal instincts, she will root out any enemy who tries to evade her pounce. Take care to avoid her traps and not be marked by her, for then even the fog of war will not aid you.


Issabelcosplay has a purrfect Nidalee cosplay. The intricate carvings on the spear hit the mark. The shimmering crystal on her forehead radiates Nidalee’s powers as she draws from the magic of the jungle. The essence of Nidalee continues to flow all the way down to the war paint patterns on her legs and fur boots. Issabelcosplay does not pull any punches with this cosplay. The posing not only replicates Nidalee’s splash art, but also her stony determination to protect her homeland. Issabelcosplay pounces to victory with her supreme Nidalee cosplay.



Photography by Norman Lenda



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