PlayStation 4’s 3.5 Firmware Update Contained Some Surprises


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A new PlayStation 4 firmware update has gone live. But while Sony told fans what the PlayStation 4’s 3.5 firmware update would include, they apparently left some of the features off of the list as users are reporting new features that were never announced.

IceBreak of Reddit created a list of all of the added features that were not mentioned. These include:

  • The screenshot notification can be disabled allowing for multiple, consecutive screenshots. The noise is still present to indicate the function activated.
  • Live from PlayStation now offers a search function for its games list from which players can pin up to three games to the top.
  • The USB music player function has returned.
  • Chat party sizes can now be set by the party leader, offering 2-7 member options on top of the default amount of 8.
  • The PS4’s hard drive can now be upgraded to support up to 4TB worth of memory. (some complications are known to occur in this feature)

Highlighted features that were mentioned before the launch include PS4 Remote Play for streaming to PC or Mac, the option to appear offline, notifications for when friends sign on, and the new Play Together function that simplifies the process of joining a game with fellow chat members. The trailer below details the full list of announced features.



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