‘E3 Live’ Announced, Will Be Open To The Public

It looks like the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) is looking to make E3 a bit more fun for those unable to attend. Most people can only look in on E3 from various website, unable to attend in person, so the ESA has decided to make a side event for fans called “E3 Live”.

The event will run from June 14th (at 5:oo p.m PT) to June 16th and will include all the festivities one would expect from such an event such as musical acts as well as meet and greets. It is important to note that the event will require tickets. If you are interested in joining the event, you can register for you tickets here.

The tickets are free, though, and are probably used more to get an idea of how many people will be attending. While it is great for the ESA to get more people actively involved with E3, it is interesting to announce something like this so late. The event is less than a month away and most people probably already have plans for the summer. Still, a free event to allow people to participate in an E3 like gathering should prove to be a lot of fun and should be an interesting experience.








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