DC Universe Online Is Heading To Xbox One

Daybreak Game Company has just revealed that DC’s free-to-play superhero MMO DC Universe Online is coming to the Xbox One. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the game, the devs have revealed that the previously exclusive Sony/PC game is coming to Xbox One later this year in spring.

Daybreak has also announced that cross-play is support is coming to the game for PlayStation 4 and PC later this month on January 25 2016. So in typical super-hero fashion, you can team up with your friends in a superhero mash up and take on the world as a hero or villain.

Some other additions to look forward to in 2016 will be the addition of Water powers and storylines including Superman, Halls of Power, Harley Quinn and even characters from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow taking place in the Flash and Arrow universe from the popular CW hits.

Lastly, Episode 21 will launch this February. It will add a new eight-player co-op Operation named Prison Break. The two player mission will also be coming named The First Piece and will be inspired by the new CW TV series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.








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