Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t be Talked About Until 2017

Seeing as The Witcher 3 has just come out, many people are excited about it. CD Projekt Red included, as the developer has stated that for the next couple of years they will be focusing on that title. Unfortunately, that means that there won’t be much headway — if any, made on Cyberpunk 2077. Adam Kicinski, studio chief executive, told Reuters that will The Witcher sold 1.5 million copies before release, compared to the previous 1 and 1.7 million the first and second title snagged, but believes that Cyberpunk 2077’s numbers could top even that. “Sales of the third part will be many times higher than with our earlier games. Preorders indicate this,” he stated. “We broke into the mainstream. It is such a moment in our firm’s history that after some years people will look differently at CD Projekt before and after this release… “We hope and we are certain that Cyberpunk has even bigger commercial potential. It is too early to talk about it, though. This year, and the next one will be the years of the Witcher.”

Cyberpunk 2077 was already announced three years ago, first word of hit cycling around in October of 2012. It was in January of 2013 that a teaser trailer was released that let gamers see a little bit of what the RPG inspired futuristic sandbox title might be like. The title was originally announced for just PC, but since there have been hints that it might make its way over to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.




Source: Reuters 



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