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Mutant and Talented: A Brilliant Cosplay of X-Men’s Rogue


Posted July 2, 2014 by


After an innocent teenage kiss sends a young man into a permanent coma, Rogue learns about her newly developed mutant powers. Rogue is born with a mutation that allows her to absorb the power, memories and other pieces of the humans and mutants that she touches. Frustrated by the lack of control she has over her own powers, Rogue turns to the X-Men for help.

The X-Men are founded and led by the brilliant Professor Xavier, who aims to aid all mutants to control their powers and use them to help mankind. Team-ups, love, and battles await Rogue and the members of the X-Men team as they work to help the people and the world around them.


Cupcake Disco Cosplay is a wonderful and talented cosplayer whose hard work has created a spectacular Rogue cosplay. Talented cosplay construction, beautiful modelling and unique photography is the perfect combination for a perfect cosplay.




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