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Editor’s Pick of the Week: A Captivating Captain America Cosplay Perfect for Independence Day


Posted July 4, 2014 by

captain-america-cosplay-13Photo by Rachel Lewis Photography

July 4th is finally here, marking the time to gather ’round with friends and family over a nice barbecue and relax while watching fireworks sparkle and crack in the sky.  While this is a day of fun-filled celebration for Americans, it can also be a great day for cosplayers to show off their stars and stripes.

captain-america-cosplay-12Photo by Ducky Jessica Photography

What better way to do this than by cosplaying as Marvel’s red, white, and blue clad hero, Captain America?  While cosplayer BadLuckKitty is from Australia and not America, Captain America is a symbol of pride and glory, which is a universal belief that resonates with everyone across the world.

captain-america-cosplay-11Photo by Dark Age Photography

BadLuckKitty is constantly creating cosplays that we can’t help but be in awe over.  Whether it’s her Black Cat, Cammy, Misty, or Tank Girl, she never fails to impress.  She is a cosplayer who is fully dedicated to her craft, and if we were to give her Editor’s Pick every week for as many cosplays as she has to feature, we totally would, and it would be much deserved.

Be sure to visit BadLuckKitty’s Facebook and Twitter pages to see more of her stunning cosplay work.  You won’t be disappointed!



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