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Dangerously Gorgeous Cosplay of Nelliel from Bleach


Posted December 26, 2013 by


Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck is an Arrancar from the anime and manga, Bleach. The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a Shinigami or death god, who can see lost souls. A Shinigami’s purpose is to eliminate the evil hollows who prey on souls and to ferry them to the afterlife, or spirit world, known as Soul Society.

The souls that were never able to pass on, only to devolve into evil spirits, are known as Hollows. They wear white skull-masks and have a mindless desire to consume other souls. Arrancar, like Nelliel, are hollows that have removed their white masks to gain additional powers similar to the Shinigami. Nelliel once belonged to the elite and most powerful of the arrancar, the Espada. Arrancar always retain their broken masks, even though they regain a humanoid appearance.


Bella Black’s cosplay of Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck is gorgeous and beautifully detailed. The most important part of an arrancar is their former hollow mask and the stunning construction on this piece stands out. Bella Black is an amazing model for Nelliel and she brings this character to life in her photographs. There is no doubt that Bella Black’s Nelliel is both beautiful and dangerous.



Photography by Megane-Saiko.


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