Byndo Gehk Bit Us with this Amazing Toothless Gijinka Cosplay!


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toothless-cosplay-1Photography by Obscura Vista

Toothless is Hiccup’s Dragon in the films and book series of How to Train your Dragon. In the films, Toothless is a black Night Fury, while in the books is a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus. So, if you have in mind the character, maybe you will thinking, how a sexy girl as Byndo Gehk can cosplay Toothless. So the answer is “Gijinka”.

Not many people know the meaning of the word “Gijinka” but I’m sure a lot of you saw before people dressed as Pikachu (Pokemon) or Teemo (League of Legends). So, the meaning of Gijinka is that, the personification of the animal characters in human. With this in mind we can know that the cosplayer didn’t pretend to cosplay the real Toothless, but of the Gijinka version.

toothless-cosplay-2Photography by JWaiDesign

As you can see, the used materials are very accurate, and the fabric colors are just perfect. The helmet and the wigs give a cute touch to all the composition. Moreover Byndo Gehk paid attention to Toothless teeth and created accessories in brown leatherette which convert the whole cosplay into something EPIC.

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Written by Guest Contributor: Juby Headshot

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Guest Contributor

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