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Anime Cosplay Tuesday: A Completely Magical Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay


Posted June 24, 2014 by


Competing with similar popular anime such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece can be tough but Fairy Tail stands out, bringing to the table a stellar mix of strong characters. Most notably, Lucy Heartfilia, the main female protagonist. Following her through Fiore, you begin to see her grow and become more powerful. Her story becomes ever more compelling and empowering.


Lucy possesses magical powers, practicing Stellar Spirit magic, using keys to summon spirits to help fight for her. These keys possess varying levels of power, with gold keys being the most exotic and rare (there’s only twelve) and silver keys being far more common. However, she is a unique case in the fact that she fights with her summons, refusing to see them as mere shields. She’s vain, kind, intelligent, and just a little bit sassy.


Ivette Puig does an amazing job recreating this beautiful ‘princess’, while adding subtle personal touches to her costume. Adding a lacy petticoat and combining pink ruffles across the outfit take us to another cute dimension, while utilizing Lucy’s favorite colors of pink and blue. It is a cosplay truly fit for royalty.

Photography by AOJ



Written by Guest Contributor: Erica

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor