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An Absolutely Incredible Elastigirl Cosplay


Posted December 30, 2013 by


There are some movies that we will cherish throughout the years, and while The Incredibles has been out for almost 10 years now, it certainly does not seem like it. Many of us have watched the Pixar masterpiece far too many times to count, and still to this very day it remains one of our top “go to” movies on the shelf. Each character was brilliantly designed to fall perfectly into place in their alternate “Supers” universe. Of course, while each superhero is unique in their own way, they all share one common problem… a series of tragic lawsuits that have forced them to hide as normal civilians in a society that has turned their back on receiving any sort of help from a Super.


With so many awesome characters, it is almost impossible to pick the most incredible one; however, Elastigirl definitely gives them all a run for their money! Not only is she able to shapeshift by using superhuman elasticity, she also is able to use her elasticity to propel objects significantly further than most other Supers. To top it all off, Elastigirl is incredibly charming, which is why the adorable cosplayer, Liv-is-alive, makes one incredible Elastigirl!


While we only see Elastigirl in her retro superhero attire for a brief moment, Liv-is-alive was brilliant to take on the challenge of crafting the white and red costume! She worked with Jack Høier, an incredibly talented photographer, who was able to capture the very essence of the retro costume by making it feel as if we have traveled back in time to see the young Elastigirl in her prime.


Liv-is-alive looks absolutely dashing in her retro white and red costume, and we love the texture from the red material she used that truly gives the costume that special touch that sends it over the top! With her right hook extended at an abnormally long distance, Liv-is alive truly looks as if she can use her superhuman elasticity to knock out any villain that threatens her or those she loves.




Photography by simplearts.

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