All That’s MMO: NCSoft’s Wildstar


It’s hard to get excited at this point about new MMOs. I’m 25 and in MMO years, that means I’m like 35. I should be married to a single MMO by now, and I’m not, so other MMOs begin to wonder why I haven’t settled down. Conversely, I find myself wondering why these MMOs aren’t taken. What’s their defect? Then along comes these videos for NCSoft’s upcoming MMO Wildstar. They’re pretty, and hilarious, and we like the same kind of music. I’m officially ‘excited’ about Wildstar.

In the first trailer, a guy from the Dominion talks a bit about his people and all the murder and treachery they’ve engaged in to become a superpower in the universe. The art style’s great, and the guy seems like he could’ve been a villain in a Pixar film. In fact, most of the trailer reminds me of Pixar’s The Incredibles. It is explained that the Dominion employs the services of a catlike warrior race and some no nonsense robot assassins, as well as something else he doesn’t want to discuss. Take a look for yourself. Even if you’re not an MMO fan, it’s still comical.



The second trailer is much shorter and goes over the rogue class for the game, known as the Stalker. There’s not a lot of surprise here. Rogues go invisible, they stalk and pounce and claw and roll around, you know, rogue stuff. Again though, the music feels like its straight out of a Pixar film, which is a nice change of pace.




There’s more information available on the Wildstar website. Apparently in addition to standard classes there’s going to be something called a path system featuring the Explorer, Settler, Scientist and Soldier paths. There are scant details on what that, but it sounds like it could be something new to the MMO scene, so that’s a plus.

What’s most impressive thus far about what I’ve seen from Wildstar is the tone. It doesn’t immediately try and drown you with melodramatic music and explain that ONLY YOU CAN SAVE THE REPUBLIC/MIDDLE EARTH/ALLIANCE. The first two videos released have a more zany tone that implies that the game is more focused on creating a fun universe, and that’s a huge selling point. MMO players have done the over the top, have to be the hero thing now quite a few times. It would be nice if this time around the atmosphere was shaken up a bit, starting with the tone of the game.

Wildstar has no release date at present, but we’ll be sure to keep a watch for more information and pass it along.


Written by Guest Contributor: theheroofosaka

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