5 Sultry Cosplays of Jessica Rabbit That Will Surely Take Your Breath Away!

There are some cosplays out there that have been executed so well that it makes it extremely difficult for one to choose which cosplay is the best, which is why we decided to seek out and find our top 5 picks of one of our all-time favorite sultry toons, Jessica Rabbit, to share with you guys! In 1988, when Jessica made her big debut on the big screen, many of us were sitting in the theaters, enjoying an extremely buttery bucket of fresh popcorn when we first heard the smoky voice of the mysterious beauty Jessica Rabbit. We were all clueless as to just how stunning she would be as the spotlight appeared across the big blue velvet stage curtains, before a tiny leg began to make its way through the curtains; exposing a thin piece of a shiny red dress and a perfectly petite little foot in dangerously high stilettos. As she appeared from behind the curtain singing, “Why Don’t You Do Right?” our eyes almost popped out of our heads in “ah” as we tried to process the gorgeous toon that was seducing every man in the movie, as well as the movie theater!

Jessica Rabbit quickly became an iconic beauty in the eyes of young girls everywhere. For many cosplayers, it is a challenge and a dream to bring characters who they have admired from afar throughout their childhoods. Jessica Rabbit’s unique hour glass figure and stunning red hair are certainly far from natural to achieve. Due to Jessica’s out of this world figure, stunning makeup, and gorgeous red locks, if a cosplayer is not careful, they can easily look like a gorgeous drag queen instead of the sultry Mrs. Rabbit. So without further ado here are our top 5 picks of some of the best executed Jessica Rabbit cosplays out there!


5. BelleChere

Photo by ModelMosa

BelleChere certainly caught our eye, as she leans in on a shiny black grand piano—her rich purple gloves and shiny red dress are reflected perfectly across the bottom of the photo. With a sultry stare into the camera, and her perfectly plump red lips, BelleChere truly captures the very essence of what it is like to baffle the world with her stellar beauty.


4. Helen-Stifler


Helen-Stifler has managed to embody Jessica Rabbit with such fineness with her superb makeup job and bright red hair; her facial features are very similar to the gorgeous toon who we love and adore! Perhaps what makes this photo so amazing is that Helen-Stifler did not need use a lot of props to bring Jessica’s character to life. She looks almost exactly like Jessica Rabbit would if she were posing for her next big feature’s poster!



3. Diana Tamarova


When it comes to utilizing props to bring a character to life, photographer Alex-Vas knew what he was doing when he captured Diana Tamarova’s version of Jessica Rabbit by having her stand next to an adorably cute stature of Roger Rabbit! Alex-Vas did a wonderful job at making it look just a like she is on the movie set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. With her astonishing hair and makeup done so well, Diana really has a toon look about her, which is why she earned a spot as number 3 on our top 5 list!



2. Srta. Roxanne

Photography by Alberto Romero

Number two on our list is by Srta. Roxanne.  What makes Roxanne’s cosplay of Jessica Rabbit so special is that she places herself directly on smoky stage, ready to belt out a smooth, jazzy tune.  Her dress, gloves, shoes, and hair are perfectly spot-on, and the overall essence of these photos evokes the sultry quality that Jessica Rabbit is known for.  Her overall perfection of Ms. Rabbit surely lands her a top spot on our list.

Photography by Guillermo Pozuelo


1. Yaya Han

Photography by Jay Tablante

Of all the amazing cosplays out there, Yaya Han’s Jessica Rabbit earned a lot of attention in the community, as many people thought that her unnaturally proportioned hour glass figure was thanks to the handy work of a talented Photoshop user. However, after many false accusations, Yaya confirmed that she achieved the look by using an intense corset that she made. Despite being so tight that it almost made her pass-out during a photo-shoot, Yaya’s dedication and passion for her work prevailed through in order to produce one of the best Jessica Rabbit cosplays out there!

Photography by Anna Fisher


 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi


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